Too much data, not enough information

Flicking through the pages of the Internet, I stumbled across this blog on The Harvard Business Review. Workforce Analytics Isn’t as Scary as It Sounds – Tim Ringo It shows some great tips on how to use workforce metrics in a real business situation, but I think the biggest take from the post for me … Continue reading

What’s the story?

I went to a networking breakfast this morning and while the topic was more broadly HR, there was a great line that relates to the HR metric community. People don’t remember the number, they remember the story. While this might be slightly paraphrased, it is a good principle to keep in mind when designing reporting … Continue reading

What HR Metrics Should I Use?

Someone setting up will ask the question “what should I measure?”. There is not an all encompassing answer. Each company will be different depending on their business type, data capability and where HR is at in terms of being part of the business, and HR strategy. It is really dependent on your business, what you … Continue reading

Predictive Analytics: Is HR on Target?

This article has been doing the rounds a lot in the last week. I have seen it everywhere from my LinkedIn connections to being the focus of Stephen Colbert’s “The Word” segment. Target uses Predictive Analytics What Target is doing is making the most of their resources to increases sales and market share. It is … Continue reading

Getting started: 5 tips on HR Metrics

It is probably apt to start this blog with my top 5 tips for getting going with your HR Metrics endeavours. These quick tips will help you get past some of the difficulties that you will experience when setting up your metrics function – questions on the accuracy and validity of you numbers, push back … Continue reading